Welcome to my photographic website.

The photographs selected display my interest in exploring the local landscape in the Britain as well as visiting foreign lands, focusing on people and architecture. Early influences were documentary and travel photographers.

I have always been aware of the complexity of landforms and the way essential buildings have been constructed to fit into the landscape. I enjoy exploring the co-existence between buildings and the natural landscape. I also photograph how people interact with their immediate environment in street scenes which is often so ephemeral. This game of chance is very satisfying when the elements fall into place to define the moment when to take the photograph.

Many of my people photographs are monochrome, a large number originally shot on film and scanned before digital processing. Stripped of colour distractions, the photographs reflect the authenticity of the moment.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

David Malkin

Copyright notice
All images are the sole copyright of David Malkin Copying of or displaying or redistribution of these images without express writtten permission from the photographer is prohibited.