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"fire show", "gyroscope supporting flaming flowerpots"At The Gates Of HellA slowly rotating gyroscope supporting flowerpots filled with flaming oil at the annual Mintfest festival in Kendal, Cumbria. The fire show involved several similar gyroscopes and lanterns set in a wooded park. As smoke drifted through the trees, gentle Chinese background music provided a contemplative atmosphere. The setting also gave the impression of the underworld.

There are a number of festivals and outdoor events in Cumbria which often provide indigenous, unusual or spectacular images. From the annual Gypsy festival at Appleby Fair to the garden festivals at Holker Hall. Street theatre features each year at the Mintfest in Kendal with several international performers. In addition Lakes Alive has organised a number of outdoor events including music and dance.

At The Gates Of Hell

"fire show", "gyroscope supporting flaming flowerpots"

Spiral of Light

"Chinese lanterns"


"spinning dancers holding umbrellas in night sky"

In Your Face

"Morris dancer at festival"


"Time exposure of fairground big wheel light trails"

Fire Eater

Fire eater with flaming torch, Kendal

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020