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Photographs of the English Lake District and Europe travel,people and architecture

Punk hairstyles come to Austria 1985

"commuters waiting for a tram are distracted by a young lady with a punk hairstyle"

Cooling Down

Calm waters with fence leading into lake and distant rays of setting sun over mountains at Derwentwater

On the Edge

" fissured limestone pavement on Raven Scout overlooking the valley at Holme Park Fell, Cumbria"

Down and Out

"tramp lying asleep on bench with suitcase"

Spiral of Light

"Chinese lanterns"


"view vertically down reservoir spillway", "water infrastructure"


"cascading water down reservoir spillway with pedestrian bridge in foreground", "water infrastructure"

The Surge

Surging wave overtops harbour wall

Mist at Sundown

"rolling mist backlit by sunset over valley at Holme Park Fell, Cumbria"