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This gallery features images of the countryside depicting rural scenes and life as well as fauna and flora.

Maize field

"polythene over maize crop sown in field with distant hills"

Winter Tree

"tree covered with winter hoar frost and tractor tyre tracks in foreground"


Fast flowing river with multi-coloured water

The Strid, Bolton Abbey Yorkshire

"Turbulent waters of the fast flowing River Strid in North Yorkshire"

Swindale Beck, Haweswater Cumbria

"Winter view of Swindale Beck and fells with snow and frost"

Ode to Autumn

Japanese autumnal cherry tree and acer leaves set against cherry tree silhouette

Dance of the Dead

copse of dead and decaying silver birch trees

Ice Dahlia

Red dahlia flower in ice

Autumn Impression

Autumn  leaves photogram

Autumn colours

"Flowing water," river, "River Allen", "autumn leaves"Northumberland

Wild Flower Medley

Wild Flower Medley

Golden Shield Fern

Golden Shield Fern

Mind the Gap

Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall, Bull in field