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Tschaggatta Mask, Kippel Switzerland

Tschaggatta Mask, Kippel Switzerland

Tschaggatta masks are made in the remote Lotschental Valley in southern Switzerland and are worn at the annual carnival centred in Kippel and other villages such as Blatten and Wiler, where the locals dress up as Tschaggatta or devil like creatures wearing layers of goat and sheep skin and grotesque painted wooden masks on their faces.They rampage around the streets in the valley settlements frightening the inhabitants. The Carnival takes place between 3rd February and 8th March

The masks date back to medieval times depicting portrayals of the deformed devil in medieval theatre. The handmade masks are made from Arvenholz, a local pine and can incorporate cow teeth, horns and goat hair. Distorted features including large mouths, bulging eyes and long hair are typical.