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Keywords:Swiss mountain village, Kippel, Lotschental valley, Switzerland, Valais Canton, architecture, wooden houses
1981, Kippel, "Lotschental valley", Switzerland, "Valais canton", "alpine village", "wooden houses"

Kippel Switzerland

Wooden houses,Kippel. The Lotschental Valley in which the small village of Kippel is located, was almost isolated from the outside world until 1913 when the Lotschberg Tunnel between Kandersteg and Goppenstein was completed. Before a road was built access was confined to passes over 2,500 metres which were often swept by avalanches.

The fast flowing River Lonza with glacial waters passes Kippel and connects with the Rhone.The wooden houses are decorated with friezes. Wood is stored bellow the houses as fuel for winter.